Our Expertise

We understand the complex workings of the law and handle them with a difference.

We believe in customised solutions that address our client’s legal needs effectively.

From courtroom litigation to boardroom negotiations,


Corporate & Commercial

At Free Zone Partners, we have a notable track record of advising our clients in corporate transactions that are vital for their business’. Our commercial corporate practice has both the in-depth knowledge of business laws and corporate finance as well as the practical advantage of execution into effective compliance and regulatory agreements covering distribution agreements, labor, and employment, joint ventures, collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring, intellectual property, due diligence, application of licenses and registrations, ensuring consumer protection and effective dispute resolution.

Our broad and in-depth experience spanning over a few decades has allowed us to fully understand the requirements of our clients and deliver results exceeding their expectations.

We understand the nature and extent of our clients’ business and the legal implications involved in the same. Our team of expert attorneys with their exposure and experience in the field, ensure amicable solutions to the most complex legal concerns faced by our clients.


Real Estate & Construction Law

We have a bird’s-eye view of the economy backed by experience in real estate and construction law and its practices, FZP has the raw materials crucial for matters of land law, from advising on real estate ventures to the acquisition of property, we assist developers, conglomerates and banks, high net worth individuals as well property funds. Our portfolio includes: Land Acquisitions & Approvals | Project Development and Redevelopment | Private Equity and Investment in Real Estate | Real Estate Joint Ventures |Title Search & Due Diligence |Documentation& Registration | Mortgage.


Corporate Governance & Regulatory Compliance

Our erudite, well-experienced professionals have been extending comprehensive and expert legal support and services for efficient and impeccable corporate governance and regulatory compliances to diverse corporations.

Our services related with the corporate law, corporate governance, commercial law, and other inherently connected areas of the law with businesses and professions in various economic sectors, are all-encompassing and covers the services like·

Selection and incorporation of the most appropriate type of company for specific business/profession/service, drafting flawless and impeccable MOA, MOU, or Trust Deed, etc, of the selected entity·  All tax-related registrations·       Licenses for business conduction etc.


Banking & Corporate Finance

With the constant number game and business troubles on your mind, we help our clients share their workload documenting, auditing and reviewing paperwork or procedure. Our team works closely with clients so that you can focus on running a profitable business.

We offer amongst others: Loan and Credit Documentation | Consortium  Documentation|  Security Documentation |Inter-Creditor Agreements  |  Restructuring  |  Filings and Registrations  |  Project Finance Auditing  |  Products Structuring  |  Corporate Governance& Regulatory Advice.


Capital Market

Most of the companies are coming up with IPO’s and post public issues to raise money from the public. This is the best way to raise capital form present perspective.

We are a leading law firm having hands on experience to assist the companies in IPO and Public issues. We have the best team consists of capital markets experts who can guide and assist the company in successful listing of the company. Our scope of services includes assessing the company’s legal status, compliance management, Internal control, listing requirements, defaults compounding growth prospects etc. We provide best legal and financial solution to the same.


Merger & Acquisition

We have an enviable Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions Practice providing high value solutions to the clients in a complex and highly skilled M & A advisory matter. Our professional team is abreast with the all areas of Mergers, Acquisitions, Amalgamations, Takeover, Business buyouts, Assest transfers, Joint Ventures, Cross Border Mergers.



Flawless, efficient, and prudent tax advisory/compliances have been inseparable services of our renowned full-service law firm. These services are extended responsibly by our well-informed and well-experienced taxation lawyers, tax advisors, and corporate tax attorneys. So far, a large number of individuals, companies, corporate houses, entrepreneurs, firms, and organizations have availed our excellent and swift services regarding tax advisory and tax compliances, for acquiring well-rounded perfection and security from various matters and issues related with taxation.

We offer tax advisory and prompt tax compliance services to individual people (taxpayers), professional/service firms, enterprises, small-to-large companies, multinational corporations, industries, and commercial companies, which could be engaged in the business/profession/service in any economic field in entire India. All matters, issues, and compliances related with taxation are handled proficiently by our adept taxation layers and professionals.


Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Rights is regarded as the best, success-driven & result oriented practice area in Nigeria. Our Firm’s intellectual property rights team has advised numerous domestic and international clients and over a period of time has gained immense valuable experience in intellectual property branches including but not limited to Trademark Laws, Copyright Law, Patent Law, and Industrial Design.

The IP team consist of well qualified, well trained and self – sufficient lawyers who have immense experience in providing solutions to legal issues affecting intellectual property like the prosecution of applications for trademark, patent, design, copyright and geographical indications registration(s); management of intellectual property portfolios; domain name disputes; intellectual property due diligence; enforcement actions; third-party infringement; counterfeiting of products matters; assignment & licensing of intellectual property etc.


Project & Infrastructure

FZP Legal assists clients in setting up infrastructure projects in various fields including power, road, airport, port, oil & natural gas, telecom, fertilizer and water & waste, private public partnership projects, real estate projects, industrial projects, procurement contracts, concession agreements, operations and maintenance contracts, building construction and engineering contracts, consortium agreements and joint development agreements.

We prepare project documents for clients and also assist them while bidding for a project.

We also provide advisory services on the acquisition of commercial premises by executing lease and licenses. Advising on property related matters also include title searches in respect of commercial premises and due diligence on title documents, building completion certificate, maintenance contracts, approved plans, sanctions and building licenses, compliance with local land and municipal corporation regulations. We also handle property related disputes and litigations for our clients.


Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Our approach to resolve any legal dispute is by way of conciliation to the extent possible. We understand that in all forms of family, civil, commercial or corporate disputes, it is in the best interest of the clients that their matters are resolved amicably as it saves their time and cost.

Our dispute resolution team provides timely and well informed legal advice to clients to save them from prolonged legal battles that result not only in lot of expenditure but also strained relationships with business counterparts. Our lawyers team helps clients settle disputes through the choice of arbitration and conciliation.

We have assisted clients on litigation involving labor issues, partition suits, intellectual property rights infringement, writ petitions and public interest litigation.

Major practice areas include Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring, Commercial settlements, Domestic & International Arbitration, Financial services — regulatory, General Commercial, Intellectual Property, International Arbitration, Mediation & Conciliation, Trust & Real Estate Litigation, Competition Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, Human Resources & Employment Law.


Insolvency Practice

FZP has been regularly appearing for their clients in all Company Law matters and helping their clients recover their rightful dues. We have a team of experienced insolvency and bankruptcy lawyers, handling cases for and against financial creditors as well as operational creditors in a time bound and cost-effective manner.


Media & Entertainment

The advertising, media and entertainment industry has seen copious growth over the last decade. The production of media is a multi-layered process involving various players such as producers, artists, agents, journalists, publishers, firms and others. Interacting with such a wide variety of audience ensue many legal confusions and complicated agreements. The intangible and creative aspect of the materials complicates the process further.

The firm’s team of media & entertainment lawyers work alongside clients to provide solutions within the legal and regulatory framework, advising on all aspects from incubation, production, development, publication to distribution through consultations, negotiations and agreements for employment, due diligence, publication and agency deals, performances, collaborations and derivatives.

FZP offers assistance to both domestic and international clients on Nigeria’s comprehensive entertainment, media and advertising laws and also provide advisory services on issues relating to gaming & sports


Labour & Employment

Compliance with Employment and Labour law have become one of most important issues that any company operating in Nigeria needs to deal with. Our employment and labour teams are adept in advising clients on the plethora of regulations that need to be complied with by companies looking to do business in Nigeria. Our team has vast experience in moulding the client’s global policies to meet the Nigerian requirements and ensure that the companies are fully compliance with the employment law and labour laws.

Be it organizational structuring, employment compliance laws, acquisitions, outsourcing, data protection, international workforce relations, litigations or risk management, our lawyers adopt a solution oriented practical approach to address these issues and drive the client into a direction where workforce management is carried out in the simplest manner with minimum deviations, while maintaining compliancy with the laws and ethics of the incorporation.

Our firm has vast experience in defending corporations and the government in claims filed by the employees/labour. Our scope of practices includes: Compliance with Employment and Labour Laws; Drafting of all related documentations such as Letter of Offer, Employment Agreements, Employment Manuals, amongst others; Drafting company employment/HR policies and compliance manuals; Structuring employee compensations/ benefits/ perks; Structuring and drafting of Employee Stock options plans; Drafting of Sexual Harassment Policies and compliance etc.


Data Protection

Our highly specialized lawyers are dedicated to IT law, internet and e-commerce, data protection and privacy, intellectual property, telecom and electronic communications, media and entertainment, labor and technology law, and cyber criminality. Data protection laws impose numerous obligations and constraints on legal entities (companies, associations, local authorities, public entities, etc.), which may lead to criminal penalties in case of non-compliance.

We regularly advise companies in data protection law, particularly in sensitive industry sectors (banking, insurance, health, pharmaceutical industry, etc.). We can provide a full range of services which among others includes – carrying out data protection compliance audits; preparing formalities and putting in place appropriate processes as part of a compliance operation; drafting personal data transfer agreements; advising on and drafting  professional alert (”whistleblowing”) procedures and IT guidelines; organizing data protection trainings; providing assistance and training to Data Protection Officers .