The Firm


FREEZONE PARTNERS is a full service law firm established in one of the world’s emerging economies, we recognize that the status quo poses peculiar questions that require innovative answers and we are dedicated in provides timely solutions to emerging client issues.

In a world with constantly evolving legal complexities, our law firm strives to provide sapient solutions uniquely tailored to our Clients goals.

FREEZONE PARTNERS is firmly dedicated to high quality work. Its specialist teams are punctilious, devoted and updated in their respective specialty; their focused approach coupled with the bedrock of hard work and a passion for ethical excellence will definitely yield good results for its clients.

Why Choose Us

The world is quite complex and so are the nuances of law that govern major markets. Our lawyers are skilled in the dynamics of legal process across the diverse sectors, so when it comes to tough situations we’re the choice that wins by miles. With methods & practices that stand tall against the terrain of the traditional legal practice, we change the playing field. Our firm takes crucial steps while maintaining an unwavering ethical approach in delivering sapient solutions. We employ innovative methods to bring the justice our Clients deserve.


Abdulbasit Olusesan Busari


Abdurrazaq Abbas


Michael Okejimi